Saturday, November 13, 2010

Website (Finally!!)

Guess what! We just put up our new and improved website. Well, there are still some tweaks that we'll have to do, but I think it came out rather nice especially the Explore section. If you hover over the penguins on the Yeti page, they even say their names :o "oohs and ahhs". I did a lot of illustrations for the backgrounds of each sections and I think they came out nice. I was going for the "stage" feel.

Since my little elves and I do not know how to program, it was very frustrating to try to get the website to do what we wanted it to do. Luckily, master Dormando did some magic and got everything to work (thank you thank you, oh great one).

We're also working on the gallery and online store section, but meanwhile, you can buy some stuff at our Etsy shop :).


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