Monday, December 3, 2012

All about BIRDS!

Plips are white little birds that I drew on a poster in 2004. Most of the people that saw or bought those posters always said that they liked the birds the most. I used to think it's so funny because I spent so much time on the rest of the poster, but almost everyone commented on the birds first.

See the white birds in the back?

... so I made a mini sculpture when I was bored.

About two years later, I was thinking of making them into plushes. Sadly at the time, I really didn't know where to go look for a good plush making company etc etc. I still did make some designs for them in the end. I've never post this before. it's very unlikely that these will ever be made now, so here's what the designs look like. I played around with different wings design, but still tried to keep it simple. I still don't know which style one I'd have chosen in the end. I even designed the packaging. They were to be sold in little cardboard cages that's easily popped up and assembled at the booth. Isn't that cute? :p

Can't decide

Palm size

Rough Package idea

Two years ago, I brought Plips back as little flipbook notepads. They're in Vuduberi's Etsy shop * Plip's animated notepad* This one trying to learn how to fly :) Here are some sketches and mock ups.

Bounce Test

Bounce color

Sadly, Plips were never made into plushes :(. However, I did end up designing Pygmy Penguins, and those were made into plushes. There were 1000 of them, and they're all sold out! :)

This year, Series 2 is out! There are 1000 total made. This time, I also added girls :D They are now available in the VUDUBERI SHOP. Don't forget to get a set before they're sold out!

The end <3 ~ Patara