Monday, December 3, 2012

All about BIRDS!

Plips are white little birds that I drew on a poster in 2004. Most of the people that saw or bought those posters always said that they liked the birds the most. I used to think it's so funny because I spent so much time on the rest of the poster, but almost everyone commented on the birds first.

See the white birds in the back?

... so I made a mini sculpture when I was bored.

About two years later, I was thinking of making them into plushes. Sadly at the time, I really didn't know where to go look for a good plush making company etc etc. I still did make some designs for them in the end. I've never post this before. it's very unlikely that these will ever be made now, so here's what the designs look like. I played around with different wings design, but still tried to keep it simple. I still don't know which style one I'd have chosen in the end. I even designed the packaging. They were to be sold in little cardboard cages that's easily popped up and assembled at the booth. Isn't that cute? :p

Can't decide

Palm size

Rough Package idea

Two years ago, I brought Plips back as little flipbook notepads. They're in Vuduberi's Etsy shop * Plip's animated notepad* This one trying to learn how to fly :) Here are some sketches and mock ups.

Bounce Test

Bounce color

Sadly, Plips were never made into plushes :(. However, I did end up designing Pygmy Penguins, and those were made into plushes. There were 1000 of them, and they're all sold out! :)

This year, Series 2 is out! There are 1000 total made. This time, I also added girls :D They are now available in the VUDUBERI SHOP. Don't forget to get a set before they're sold out!

The end <3 ~ Patara

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Doodles: Cats & ghost

I seemed to have an art block yesterday. I was trying to work on nice detailed illustrations, but nothing came out nice. In the end, I decided to just doodle cute things. :D

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy October :)

It's October and we have some new desktop wallpapers up for everyone. One is a cute little scarecrow that will guard your desktop (from evil spirits of course) and the other one is a pretty ghost trio. The bat and the yeti wallpapers are also available as well.
Click here ---> WALLPAPERS

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I've been painting with watercolor more often lately. Here are some of them:
Red Delicious
Vampire inspired piece.

My Forest Friend
A girl and her unique forest friend.

Seeking Refuge
Hiding under the umbrella skirt.


Mermaid Postcards & Box Doodles

For those of you who went to SDCC, hopefully, you got one of our promo postcard featuring the cute little mermaid. She can't find her pet whale... poor girl. If you weren't there, no worries! These postcards will be included with any online purchases while supplies last :).

Mermaid Postcards

Sometimes I'd also doodle on the packages, so if you order from the VUDUBERI STORE, you might get a special package with drawings from me :) *NOTE - The links to different categories in the store (Apparel, Charms, Prints, Toys) are on top under the main navigation*

special boxes

Friday, July 27, 2012

SDCC 2012

Our booth this year.

We are back from San Diego Comic con 2012. Since there were only James and me at the booth this year, it was very tiring. Next year, hopefully, Pailin and FSc can join us. This year's theme is mermaid because we have a lot of mermaid drawings. (I've been into drawing mermaids lately, so I'm sure there will be more mermaids in the future as well.) We also got some new Pygmy Penguins in at the last minute! We met so many wonderful people at the convention. Everyone was so kind that our cheeks were hurting from smiling so much. With all the compliments, I felt like one of the floating penguins from the "Lifted" painting lol. Our customers are so sweet, I wish I can give them all super hugs. Thank you for all the support and to those of you who brought us candies and snacks from England, Hawaii, and Japan. Those really kept us happy when we were busy and hungry <3

We didn't get to walk around much, but James did manage to take some snapshots of a few amazing booths and cosplayers. We saw a lot of zombies this year O_O:


Friday, July 6, 2012

Convention Prep

I studied graphic design, so I'm pretty picky about packaging. Designing packages is also very fun for me. I tend to spend too much time and money on packaging though lol. People might not really notice the effort, and I know that it's normal throw all the extra things out afterwards anyways. Still, for me when I see a package that has thoughts put into it, it really makes me smile. These are some of the packages that were made for the products that will be sold at the SDCC:

~ Patara