Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CTN Expo

I found out about CTN animation Expo a little late, but I decided to go check it out anyways. I heard that it’s a relatively new convention. I finally got to meet Glenn Vilpuu. He is such a kind man. When I was taking oil painting class in college, my teacher was such a big fan of his. He would always tell me that I should look at Vilpuu’s art. I love that teacher. He really loved what he did, and it showed. Since he was such a big Vilpuu’s fan, I’ve always wanted to meet the man in person. Mr. Vilpuu told me that there are so many famous artists at the show. There were also a lot of students everywhere.

I met other artists that came all the way from Canada and from England. They were here for portfolio reviews. Disney booth had a very long line for that. I didn’t see Nickelodeon there which I thought was rather odd. The studio is right down the street from the convention. There were a lot of panels going on. I went to Chris Sander’s How to Train Your Dragon one. They were funny. It was mainly about the storyline. The lines for the panels are super long, so I didn’t really go to too many. I sat in the overflow room to watch some of them on the screen though.

I got to talk to many artists. Armand Serrano from Sony Pictures Animation was especially sweet. I was glad that he was able to see my thought process for many of my works. Not too many people actually notices little things like that. I also got to play with the Cintiq for about an hour at the Wacom booth :p. I think I’m still more of an Intuos person, but it was still fun to play around with the Cintiq for a bit.

~ Patara

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