Thursday, February 24, 2011

DIY - MUGO mock ups

AT SDCC 2010, we were right across from MUGO booth. They sell cute all in one MP3 player and USB Flash drive. We got a DIY version. How should I paint it? The shape kind of lends itself to the Yeti, so I was going to make a Vuduberi Baby Yeti version. Then James said it'd look cute with a hoodie, so I tried that as well.

Baby Yeti?

Baby Yeti with hoodies? lol

ARggghh... I can't decide. Here is a sad clown.
sad clown


Trunk Show @ New People, SF

We're taking over the 2nd Floor of the New People building in Japantown, San Francisco for a weekend! (Well, a good chunk of it.) We will have lots of goodies for sale and we will be displaying some artworks too! I'm so excited :)

New People building also has an art gallery, a theater, a cafe, "Baby the Stars Shine Bright" for your gothic lolita fashion needs, "Black Peace Now" for the gothic punks, and Sou.Sou shoes too! ♥

Saturday March 26th 12:00pm to 7:00pm
Sunday March 27th 12:00pm to 6:00pm

I marked where we'll be at, and if they let us do a giant display, it might look like this :p

~ Patara

Fanart - NemuNemu

Audra from KimonoKitsy studio has been my friend for a long time. She started a webcomic a while back called Nemu-Nemu. It's a cute story about two girls and their stuffed puppies. She's launching a new book soon, and asked if I could do a guest art for it.

Here is my piece.

~ Patara

Friday, February 4, 2011