Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cat House & Creepy Shed

On the way back from SDCC, we made a quick stop to the Cat House on Kings. They had about 1600 cats there. Since FSc and I are cat people, we were really glad that they at least have a large area and a nice home to live in. Otherwise, they would have just been killed at the shelter. Some of the cats were sick, and some areas smelled really bad. Overall though, they are still much better off there. I wish more people would adopt them. They are very lonely. The moment they saw us, they all ran towards us. Some started to hop on so that we can carry them.

Right next to the cat house, there was a very old beaten up shed with lots of dead trees and critters everywhere. James and FSc were all into the creepy area lol. I thought it looked like a scene from a scary movie.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

SDCC 2008

This year, James tagged along to help us out. He also made the super awesome Sign that is glowing in the back. Our booths smell so nice because of FSc's crafty bathsalts. As usual, Comic Con had a lot of fancy booths, and it seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year. Our location is much better than last year's location. Eventhough we were all SUPER tired, we had a lot of fun. FSc and I were talking about how refreshing it is to see the customers and the fans that stopped by. It really makes us want to work harder and make a lot of cool things lol. We are so grateful! Thanks so much!

The first day, we ended up eating our first meal at 7 pm >_<; Everyday was so tiring. I promised to take everyone to watch different movies every night, but we only got to see Wall-E. It was James first Comic Con, so he was the most excited. He was really into the Ironman statues. FSc was signing and sketching so much that her hand was hurting lol. She also got a sketch from Niel Gaiman and Mike Mignola which made her super happy. We bought an artbook and a mini gun replica by Greg Broadmore from Weta Workshop. Megan Franich came by and bought some stuff at the booth too!

There were really pretty cosplayers that stopped by our booth daily to show us their awesome costumes. They were so pretty, sweet, and talented! I hope we get to see them again next year!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Logo Sign <3

After hours of hard work, we have a new Logo Sign for the convention. I'm in love. It looks even cooler in real. Thanks James!

~ Patara

Elves - 2008 special set

This is the set of prints that we are selling at the convention this year. Saka and I put so much work into them. They are oversize prints, gorgeous, vibrant, archival prints on watercolor paper. Stop by our booth to see the real thing at San Diego Comic Con booth #4616. ^^

~ Patara

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Renegade Craft Fair 2008

James and I went to Regenade Craft Fair. It's my first time at a craft fair. I have always liked crafty things, so I was very excited. It was located near at the Pier on the beach in San Francisco. There were so many hand made things there... clothes, toys, cards, art prints. It was amazing!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My cat was diagnosed with Kidney Failure. It's been difficult because I have to take him to the vet daily. I also have to take care of him, and I have so much work, so I am a bit behind. Saka came to AX and we made a special 2 piece Elven Set. (I will put the image up in the next post.) We were also selling some Nemu Nemu merchandise for our talented friend. Please check out Nemu Nemu webcomics. It's really adorable. Here are some pics from Anime Expo this year. Thank you everyone for stopping by the booth.