Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zodiac Button Set

*click the picture for a larger image*

I just finished the illustrations for the new zodiac button set. Which sign are you and which one do you like best? :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Radvertising & Supahcute

*Our Yeti Stand - Photo by io9*

Being on io9's Radvertising totally made James' day. He said "Despite sniffing so much glue making this standee, we almost didn't bring it due to the size. This is so worth it. " I'm just glad that we're on Radvertising and not on Badvertising lol.

Also Thank you Supahcute for mentioning us on their blog of cuteness too! I love that blog!

*Our button collections - Photo by Supahcute*

*Our Ghost Postcard - Photo by Supahcute*

~ Patara

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SDCC 2011

Our booth!

SDCC 2011 is finally over. We are so tired, but it's the good kind of tired. It's such a wonderful feeling to be able to connect with people that really like what we do. I think we have the best customers in the world! There was a customer that came by to get a penguin who didn't get one last year. She said that she regretted not getting the penguin for the whole year! Awww <3. A few customers last year also came back for more Picolettes Zipper pulls. A lot of people would buy one and come back later for more. That has to mean that they like our Picolettes right? *beams* I love seeing the collection that people have. There was a very cute girl that kept coming back to hug the yeti. When her mom dragged her away, she'd run back and give our baby yeti another kiss before she ran off again. I took a picture of her hugging the yeti (center pic). Her smile made our day. We also got a surprised gift art from Mister Raroo who stopped by our booth. He drew Sunny and me as little sharks! I'm going to frame it because it's so adorable.

I forgot my camera this year. James came on Saturday and Sunday, so he was able to take some pictures. They were promoting "Adventure Time" quite a bit. The Rainicorn parade on the street was lovely with twinkling green lights. There was also a Team Coco gallery that showed off the Flaming C Conan artworks. Viewers also got to take a picture with either a cape or a kitchen mitten next to Conan both shooting laser eyebeams. It's really awesome. Sunny took one. You also get to keep either the cape or the glove as a souvenir.

Comic cons are always full of interesting cosplayers. Some are amazingly skillful, some are just funny, some sparkly, and some makes you go "aww <3".

There are robots everywhere.

We saw Power Rangers! Sunny kissed upside down Spiderman! Lastly, here is a bonus pic of Sunny and the Spartans from 2010 too.

Thanks so much for making this year comic con another memorable year for us!

~ Patara