Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Vuduberi!
Below are Holidays cards that we did for this year.

Okay.. now I just need to get the website up and running >_<; I will work on it!! CP and FSc are in Japan. FSc has a booth at Comiket too! Saka and I had a good New Years Eve together... *hugs Saka for keeping me company and make me spend lots of money -cough cough*. (Saka persuaded me to buy $200 worth of artbooks the last time we went to Kinokuniya together >_< .. soo evil). This year will be a great year! I can just feel it >=D

Also, thank you for all the encouraging emails. I didn't think people are checking, but I have gotten a lot of emails. Some even offer to help me with CSS. Thanks so much guys <3