Saturday, April 2, 2016

Wonder Con 2016

Vuduberi Plush dolls

We have a dealer's table at Wonder Con this year. I hand painted the backdrop this time. It's so hard to paint large scale! I'm not used to it, so I felt that it was slightly crooked in the end, but overall I was happy with it. I thought it'd be nice to be able to get some neon colors into the banner which I couldn't get with normal printing. Plus, hand painted background feels more personal than printed ones to me.
Tada! Wonder Con 2016 Set up. Neon Pink is really bright!
Aww~ Little Kids with Baby Yeti and Baby Sasquatch plushes

I got to meet so many old friends and I also made some new friends too! It's different at Comic Con because it's extremely busy and our corner booth has two giant walls that separates us from our neighbors. It's so much more fun to be able to get to know your neighbors, and they are super talented Visual Development artists by the way. These are my neighbors at Wonder Con ^^. Kristina introduced me to a pastry called Gata and now I'm super addicted to it. :
Kristina Vardazaryan
Jonathan Hoekstra
Casey Robin
Jeannine Schafer

James is on vacation in Turkey *cough cough*, so I was watching the booth all alone. My friend, Gary, came by to help out on Saturday and Sunday and he was able to go around and take some pictures. I only made it to the small press area. I'm so sad that I didn't get a chance to walk around the Artist Alley. Thank you, Gary, for the pictures!

Of course there were tons of Cosplayers, and they are all amazing. We spotted many cute bags and backpacks too.
Waking Dead Cosplayers.

That's the end of Wonder Con 2016. I will be signing up for next year, and at the moment, I'm trying to see if FSc would like to join me as well *fingers crossed*.
Coraline and Kiki checking out artworks

~ Patara