Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cat House & Creepy Shed

On the way back from SDCC, we made a quick stop to the Cat House on Kings. They had about 1600 cats there. Since FSc and I are cat people, we were really glad that they at least have a large area and a nice home to live in. Otherwise, they would have just been killed at the shelter. Some of the cats were sick, and some areas smelled really bad. Overall though, they are still much better off there. I wish more people would adopt them. They are very lonely. The moment they saw us, they all ran towards us. Some started to hop on so that we can carry them.

Right next to the cat house, there was a very old beaten up shed with lots of dead trees and critters everywhere. James and FSc were all into the creepy area lol. I thought it looked like a scene from a scary movie.


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