Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My cat was diagnosed with Kidney Failure. It's been difficult because I have to take him to the vet daily. I also have to take care of him, and I have so much work, so I am a bit behind. Saka came to AX and we made a special 2 piece Elven Set. (I will put the image up in the next post.) We were also selling some Nemu Nemu merchandise for our talented friend. Please check out Nemu Nemu webcomics. It's really adorable. Here are some pics from Anime Expo this year. Thank you everyone for stopping by the booth.


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Manji said...

eeeeeee awesome pics! i liked hanging out with you guys at your booth! maybe i'll make it to SDCC too! but maybe not :P

wish i would of gotten some of those pics!! i was just unmotivated coz i was walking around all alonnnne :(