Friday, July 27, 2012

SDCC 2012

Our booth this year.

We are back from San Diego Comic con 2012. Since there were only James and me at the booth this year, it was very tiring. Next year, hopefully, Pailin and FSc can join us. This year's theme is mermaid because we have a lot of mermaid drawings. (I've been into drawing mermaids lately, so I'm sure there will be more mermaids in the future as well.) We also got some new Pygmy Penguins in at the last minute! We met so many wonderful people at the convention. Everyone was so kind that our cheeks were hurting from smiling so much. With all the compliments, I felt like one of the floating penguins from the "Lifted" painting lol. Our customers are so sweet, I wish I can give them all super hugs. Thank you for all the support and to those of you who brought us candies and snacks from England, Hawaii, and Japan. Those really kept us happy when we were busy and hungry <3

We didn't get to walk around much, but James did manage to take some snapshots of a few amazing booths and cosplayers. We saw a lot of zombies this year O_O:


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